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This project makes accessible historically significant documents that were the property of Rensselaer resident Robert Huston Milroy, who formed and led the volunteer G company of the 9th Regiment of the Indiana Infantry.

Milroy later reached the rank of Major General, was known as the "Grey Eagle of the Army," served the Union meritoriously, and provided acclaim and notoriety to Jasper County.

His papers, letters, photographs, and memorabilia are invaluable in their accounts of the Civil War and his part in that war. Very few men from Indiana who served in the Civil War were as prestigious and colorful as Milroy. It is of great importance that these documents and memorabilia be made accessible to students and historians. In the 1980's, we preserved and cataloged the most significant items in our Milroy collection.

To our knowledge, we are the main source of original Milroy Civil War documents in the United States. Our content complements the Library of Congress's American Memory Project "The Lincoln Papers," which include numerous references to Milroy.