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JCPL Check-In Rewards


We know you love being here. Share it with your friends on social media and get rewards!

Foursquare Specials

We offer a monthly special to our Foursquare Mayor at all three locations: check in and get an extra free movie of your choice! This special extends to the next person in line behind our mayor as well! (Patrons must have a JCPL card in good standing, and younger patrons must have video privileges.)

Keep checking in. Other rewards may appear!

Special Check in Rewards

During special times of the year, patrons who check in using Foursquare, Twitter or Facebook can receive special collectible items, including phone charms and other items to be announced.

These times include Teen Tech Week, held each March; Teen Read Week, held each October; National Library Week, held each April; and National Library Card Month, each September. Other events may happen from time to time. Be sure to Check-In at your library with your social media and see what is going on!

How it works

During these times (and at other times of the year TBA) we will run specials on Foursquare and we will also post notices on Facebook. During the specified times, you can bring your mobile device to the front desk at your library and show your check in to redeem your reward. (One item per person.) We will accept check-ins on Foursquare or Facebook, or positive tweets about the library.

Don't have a mobile device? Check in using an internet machine at the library and show your check in to staff. It's that easy!


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