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Art at the Library

The Jasper County Public Library provides limited space at each of our locations for display of original works of art and crafts, as well as display of private collections. These exhibits, as approved by library staff, are encouraged as a cultural expression of local community activity.

For more information, please read our Art Exhibit and Display Case Use Policy. Or stop in or call with questions.

Southwest photos of Kim Hunter on display at Rensselaer Library in July and August

Rensselaer July, 2021Photo of the artist with several of her photos

Kim Hunter is the Acquisitions Specialist at the Rensselaer Public Library. She has had an interest in photography for many years, particularly landscape and animal photography. This is the first time her photos have been shown.
The photos here are all from her March 2022 trip to the Southwest, including Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, and Colorado.

Wall of photographs
Closeup of a photo of two ravens perched on a rock

You are invited to the Rensselaer Library to view No Fear Painting artwork in May and June 2022

Rensselaer May, 2022Photo of moon paintings on the Rensselaer art wall.

You are invited to the Rensselaer Library to view No Fear Painting artwork in May and June 2022.
No Fear Painting Art Experience: This exhibit shows participants of the No Fear Painting art experience. The artworks in this exhibit are painted from a photograph of a full moon that Sheila Broussard had taken.
Come paint with us. No art talent required, just the passion to paint.
Join us the third Tuesday of each month, 5: 00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m, at the First Christian Church Fellowship Hall, 327 N. Van Rensselaer. Abbie Parmele art facilitator. For more information contact 219-863-3559.

Dragons come to life in works of featured artist in Sept. and Oct. at Rensselaer

Rensselaer September, 2021Photo of the artist with a blue soft-sculpture dragon

Good Marrow!

I’m Autumn, and I am a multi-medium artist who works in ceramics, sculpture, textiles, colored pencil, charcoal, oil and acrylic paints, wood, and ink wash! I’m also the Youth Services Specialist at the DeMotte Library.

These inkwashes are from a series I call “Urelion” (OO-rel-EE-un), which is based off a story that my Fiancée and I have been working on for the past several years. In these pieces I’ve brought Aralia, the elven princess and Sma to “life” from their written origins. In these images, you’ll be able to catch glimpses of their travels throughout Urelion.

For context, the idea of the story is that Aralia (Uh-rah-lee-uh) is undercover and trying to correct a several hundred-year-old feud. Sma and his dragon, Guinevere, act as her guide and protection as they travel from one kingdom to the next. They encounter countless obstacles and other characters on their way to the Dwarven Kingdom.

In terms of the art, these pieces begin with coffee-stained watercolor paper on which I then sketch the base outline. From there I take various water-ink ratios to create different shades of the same color. These shades are used to create the layers in the pieces. By starting with the lightest colors and then slowly darkening with each layer, the process will eventually come up with something like these end products. To polish off the pieces, I add white acrylic paint and iridescent calligraphy ink for highlights.

You can see more art on my Instagram @raeging_dragon or visit my Facebook page Raeging Dragon.

Inkwash drawing of a majestic dragon spreading its wings on a rocky point.
Photo of the artist with her paintings.

Priscilla Knopf art on display in July, August at Wheatfield Library

Jasper County Art League member Patricia Knopf has been working with art from an early age.

"My interest in art began as a young child growing up in Michigan. I loved to draw the things I would see when my family went on our weekly rides in the country."

Photo of the artist with her paintings.

Janice Kredeit is featured artist of July, August at DeMotte Library

Janice Kredeit is the DeMotte Library's spotlight artist for the month. Her artwork will be on display inside the DeMotte Library throughout the months of July and August.

Photo of the artist.

Kari Swan shows off Thunderswan Art Room at Rensselaer in July and August

Thunderswan Art Room was created by Kari Swan, an Indiana resident, as a way to bring her love of different art forms together.

She has been photographing nature for 17 years as a hobby. About five years ago she became very interested in digital art and incorporated it into her work.

A photo of the artist with his photos.

Travel photos of Thomas J. Ryan on display at Rensselaer in May and June

Thomas J. Ryan, Jr. is an amateur photographer who has mostly taken pictures of mountain vistas and maritime settings out East and in other countries like Africa. Several of the sunset photographs are taken locally near Lake Banet.

Tom enjoys biking, climbing, hiking, and swimming in the ocean where beauty is always present.

Claudia Pletting displays in March, April at Rensselaer Library

My interest in art as a means of expression began with photography. Little did I know, growing up in Wabash, how much I loved Indiana…nature…and the power of photography to create highly personal impressions.

Photo of library's art wall covered in photos.

'Celebrating Women' juried show winners on display at Rensselaer Library

This January and February, the Rensselaer Library art wall is hosting the award winners of the Dec. 2020 “Celebrating Women” juried exhibit at the Prairie Arts Council.

Photos from NICHES Land Trust properties featured at Rensselaer Library

NICHES Land Trust, a non-profit organization headquartered at Clegg Memorial Garden in Lafayette, Ind., maintains more than 40 public conservation properties across 13 counties in western and central Indiana.

Gerry Blend paintings captivate on Wheatfield Library's art wall

Gerry Blend’s artwork is currently on display at the Wheatfield Library through the end of February.

DeMotte Library shines spotlight on artist Nancy VanderVeer

The photography of Nancy VanderVeer is currently on display at the DeMotte Library through the end of February.

Nancy’s exploration into photography began in 2017 when she and her husband moved to Naples, Florida. It was there that she was truly inspired to pick up a camera. It is her desire to capture the moment and to allow others to experience it as well.

The artist with his display

Wheatfield Library displays drawings of DeMotte artist George Tachtiris in November, December

George Tachtiris is a native of Gary, Indiana but has lived on five acres near DeMotte since 1975. He and his wife Jill raised three children who are all grown and moved away to pursue their careers. George and Jill have a small "ranchette" with a horse, goats, two cats, and one dog.