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Graceful Images Photography displayed at Wheatfield in March

Display Month: 
March, 2016
Photography display

Tracy Grace is the photographer behind Graceful Images Photography. She is a married mother of three and works part time as a travel agent.

Her love affair with photography began when her husband gave her a DSLR camera as a gift in 2012 - she hasn't been able to put it down since. She taught herself by taking photos constantly of everyone and everything.

Grace had a beach photo used for advertisement by a resort in Hawaii. The Farmer's Almanac chose one of her photos as picture of the month. Another photo was recognized and shared online by a Kentucky Lake resort.

Her favorite thing to photograph is sporting events, especially her children's! Getting lost in nature with a camera is a great way for her to escape life.

She truly loves getting to know the faces behind her lens! Her hope is to bring joy through her work, share life, and to not let memories escape us!

You can find Grace on Facebook under Graceful Images Photography or follow her on lnstagram at