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Photography Collection of Bailey Allen on display at Wheatfield

Display Month: 
May, 2016
shot of wheatfield art wall with Allen's photos
closeup shot of wheatfield art wall with Allen's photos

“From the moment I picked up my camera, I knew this would never be a hobby for me, but a career.” Seventeen year old Bailey Allen found her niche in the art world while attending Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana. She has always had a passion for art, but was inspired and encouraged by the art department at Concord in her junior year to continue in her love for photography.

During the months of May & June, the Wheatfield Library is proud to display Bailey’s photography collection on the library’s art wall. Of her art, Bailey says, “My series of the garage door, sink, and rusty spring were all taken from the abandoned auto salvage in Walkerton, Indiana and has won several awards from art shows in my home town. The butterfly series was taken at a botanical garden in Michigan.”

Bailey not only captures the beauty and essence of her subjects, but digitally manipulates her work, adding scenery and other items to her artwork, giving it a personalized and masterful edge.

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch this awe-inspiring and creative photography collection, on display for our community at the Wheatfield Library at 350 S Bierma St., Wheatfield, Indiana. If you have an art or photography collection that you would like to share, visit or call the Wheatfield Library at 219 956-3774.