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Doris Myers displays art at Wheatfield Library

Display Month: 
September, 2016

During the months of September and October, area artist, Doris Myers, will have pieces of her artwork on display on the Wheatfield Library’s art wall, located at 350 S Bierma St., Wheatfield, IN. Doris draws upon nature as her subjects for her paintings. She says, “As a painter and lifetime resident of rural Indiana, I am at home drawing upon nature for my subject matter. My work reflects my environment.”

Since retiring in 1984, Doris paints part of each week, often working in series, sometimes working on location and sometimes working from her studio.

Don’t miss the opportunity to view the personal and individualized paintings of this very experienced, talented local artist!

If you have an art or photography collection that you would like to share with our community, please contact the Wheatfield Library at 219 956-3774.