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Wheatfield Library Displays Photography Collection of Steve Overmyer

Display Month: 
July, 2016

Steve Overmyer has an eye for our feathered friends, and captures their grace, beauty and color with the lens of his camera every chance he gets. Wintering in Florida makes it easy to enjoy his favorite hobby, and still capture the essence of his favorite Indiana birds when he returns to the Hoosier state each summer.

During the months of July and August, Steve Overmyer’s photography collection is on display for all to enjoy on the art wall of the Wheatfield Library.

Steve has been retired for over 6 years, and uses two cameras, but the most important part of getting just the right shot is being in the right place at the right time, and that takes patience.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy our feathered friends as seen through the eye of Steve Overmyer’s camera lens! If you have an art or photography collection that would be appropriate to share with the community, contact the Wheatfield Library at 219 956-3774.