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Gerry Blend's eye catching art focus of Wheatfield Library Art Wall in April

Display Month: 
April, 2019
Wall of paintings

Gerry Blend is Wheatfield Library’s featured artist for April.

Blend, a former Milwaukee native, moved to Indiana in 1973 and began to dabble with painting a few years later.

After a long 20 year hiatus, he picked up his brush and hasn’t stopped. In just under a year he has created 30 paintings, some of those currently on display on the Wheatfield Library’s art wall.

Self-taught, Blend has learned how to create his colorful masterpieces by watching instructional television programs and tutorials on Youtube.

To view Gerry Blend’s beautiful eye catching art, visit the Wheatfield Library located at 350 S. Bierma St., Wheatfield, (219) 956-3774.