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Art of Judy Crawford featured at Wheatfield Library through August

Display Month: 
July, 2019
Collage of animal images done with chalk and pencils

Recently, our featured artist explained why she enjoys making art:

“I enjoy the physical act of making art, and working in different mediums affords me the challenges and pleasures of each different material. Be it the drag or “tooth” of charcoal on textured papers, the ability to push and manipulate oil paint on the canvas, or the loose and broad application of pastels in building layers of color on paper, each medium is exciting and demanding in its own right.

“Whether it is figurative drawing; a portrait of a person, animal or bird; a landscape or a realistic and sumptuous still life work, my goal is the same: to share with the viewer my excitement, interpretation and appreciation for not only the look, but the essence of what makes that subject unique. I hope that each of my works stimulates some response, either meditative and private, or public and leading to a lively conversation about the choices of works that I am pleased to share with the patrons of the Wheatfield Library.”

Judy’s artworks are currently being displayed until the end of August at the Wheatfield Library, located at 350 S. Bierma St.