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Library Administration Policies

Library policies are Board approved and reviewed regularly.

Board Committment

A statement of guiding principles for library board members.

Brand and Logo Policy

Regarding the use of the library's logo and slogan in marketing and other publicity.

Criminal History Policy

Establishing requirements for employees and unsupervised volunteers.

Fine Free Policy

Regarding the library's adoption of the ALA's Fine Free Initiative.

Holiday Policy

Holiday closures throughout the year

JCPL Long Range Plan

In order to fuIfill our mission, we must first consider where we are and then consider where we are going. This is our Long Range Plan, which is updated regularly, and which will be our road map for the next five years.

Library Code of Ethics

A statement of guiding principles for library staff and board members.

Library Staff Committment

A statement of principles for library staff.

Materiality Policy

Regarding misappropriation of materials or funds.

Mission Statement, Role and Values

The guiding principles of the library.

Notice Under The Americans With Disabilities Act

Statement of compliance with the Americans with Disabilites Act of 1990 ("ADA") and petition for grievance.

Photography, Videotaping, and Other Recording Devices Policy

Photographing and videotaping in the library, including at library events.

Public Forum Policy

Library board meetings and the state Open Doors Law.

Public Records Policy

Access to public records as governed by state law.

Video Surveillance Policy

Regarding the use of video surveillance and recording by the library on library property.