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Library Services Policies

Library policies are Board approved and reviewed regularly.

Art Exhibit and Display Case Use Policy

The use of display areas at the library.

Bulletin Board Policy

The library's bulletin boards and pamphlet racks.

Debit and Credit Card Processing Policy

How and when patrons may pay library fines using a debit or credit card.

Meeting Room Policy

Conditions for use of the library's meeting rooms.

Patron Tasks and Devices Policy

How, and to what limits, staff can help with technology assistance questions.

Reciprocal Borrowing Policy

Who may be a reciprocal borrower and what privileges a reciprocal borrower may receive.

Reference Policy

Principles guiding how the library provides information services to patrons.

Study Room Use Policy

Rules regarding use of the library's study rooms.

Walking Books Policy

Who may use the walking books service and what conditions apply.