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Between the Lines

Person in gray socks standing above a book, blanket and fall leaves.

Everyone has their favorite season and fall is on top for many individuals.  There are a lot of reasons to enjoy the autumn season.  


graphic of bacon

Something you know now: October is National Pork Month, also known as Porktober.


What will you discover at the library?

 “TeenTober” is a new, nationwide celebration promoting year-round teen services and the innovative ways teen services help teens learn new skills and fuel their passions in and outside the library.


Graphic of a pirate flag as a meme

Ahoy Mates! It would be terrible if you missed this month’s treasure, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is celebrated September 19.

A whole day for pirates, you say? Shiver me timbers!


Keep left and carry on, in the style of British WWII propaganda posters

How about a shout out for the lefties?  They have their own day to celebrate their gift of being left handed.


Graphic showing the elements of Science, Tech, Electronics, Art and Math.

We’re sure by now, many of you have heard of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.


NASA graphic of planned technology going to Mars

Mars could be the next “giant leap for mankind”


Graphic of an ereader, books with headphones and a pink heart.

We love ebooks, and we know our users do too. Our ebook and eaudio downloads are on the rise, whether readers are using OverDrive, its companion app Libby, or Hoopla, our newest econtent platform.


Photo of brown hummingbird feeding on sage flowers.

I’m not entirely convinced that we’ve actually had Spring here locally, but I’m ready to call it Summer.  Besides, the hummingbirds are back, which I always personally associate with summer. So far only one little fellow, or gal, has dined at my feeder, but I’m certain more will follow. After all, if you feed them, they will come.


Image of the front page of the New York Times from May 8 1945.

Most Americans know that May is the month of Memorial Day, but they may not realize there is another May holiday, once celebrated the world over, that has been widely forgotten on this side of the ocean.


Autism puzzle piece ribbon

My sister-in-law is a Special Needs Teacher, so I was intrigued to view the movie Temple Grandin.


U.S. Census 2020 logo over antique-looking map of the United States

Since 1790, the U.S. Census has been an important tool in helping shape government services and policy at the federal level.


Photo of tulips and a hand-written sign reading 'hello spring'

All month long the sentiment around me has been “I’m so done with winter.” That’s all well and good, but is winter done with us?

I join in with the sentiment, and would love to simply jump forward to sometime in June.  Since time travel has not yet been perfected, (Or has it? There are books...) it might be best to simply plan ahead for better days.


Photos of a soda bottle, teacup and saucer, and legos used as bird feeders.

As the cold winds blow, winter can be a punishing time for backyard birds.  Bird feeding is important in that it provides birds with the food, water and shelter they need in the winter when natural food is in short supply.


Image of tax form, pen and calculator

We now have Instructions for Federal Form 1040 and Indiana Instructions and Forms IT40 and Indiana Schedules as well as Federal Form 1040 and the Federal Schedules.