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If You Feed Them... They Will Come

Photos of a soda bottle, teacup and saucer, and legos used as bird feeders.

As the cold winds blow, winter can be a punishing time for backyard birds.  Bird feeding is important in that it provides birds with the food, water and shelter they need in the winter when natural food is in short supply.

Bird watching and feeding is a very popular hobby throughout the United States. According to a survey by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, about 48 million people feed backyard birds and enjoy the hobby of bird watching.  Feeding backyard birds is an easy and relatively inexpensive hobby.

This activity is something both young and old can enjoy.  Children can easily be involved in feeding the birds and identifying the different species.  Winter is also the perfect time to watch the birds as their color pops against the white background of the snow.  Just place your bird feeder where you can watch from the comfort of your home and you are all set.

National Bird Feeding Month dates back to February 23, 1994 when a congressional proclamation was issued by Congressman John Porter of Illinois.

Bird feeding can provide a needed break from today’s hectic lifestyle.  Keep your bird feeders filled and your binoculars ready and enjoy the beauty of nature.