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Think Spring with a little help from your library!

Photo of tulips and a hand-written sign reading 'hello spring'

All month long the sentiment around me has been “I’m so done with winter.” That’s all well and good, but is winter done with us?

I join in with the sentiment, and would love to simply jump forward to sometime in June.  Since time travel has not yet been perfected, (Or has it? There are books...) it might be best to simply plan ahead for better days.

That, my friends, is exactly what I was thinking when I purchased vegetable garden seeds last month. Sure, they are just sitting there on the shelf, but some of you lucky folks actually have the facilities to start those indoors, and the library has resources to direct you in executing those plans.

You might want to check out Greenhouse gardener’s companion: growing food and flowers in your greenhouse or sunspace, by Shane Smith. Perhaps a window sill or bay window would work well for this endeavor.

For those of us who have less than a tiny bit of green to the thumb there is Gardening with the experts by Rachel De Thame. Or, something written specifically with me in mind, The complete idiot’s guide to gardening by Jane O’Connor.

We hear more and more about the dangers of chemicals in our food, both store bought and homegrown, so maybe a look at Organic Gardening magazine would be a good choice. Birds & Blooms magazine has great ideas for flower gardens with Indiana Gardening magazine targeting our area specifically.

Lastly, if you’re a more visual learner like myself you might like to check out a DVD like The encyclopedia of gardening or How to grow anything, food gardening for everyone.

So. Many. Choices!

This is literally just the tip of your local libraries’ gardening resource iceberg. Ugh. I did just say a very cold word. Dig in folks! And think Spring.

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels