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Happy Fall Y'all! A September to Remember With New Fiction @ JCPL!

Photo of a carved jack-o-lantern wearing a santa hat.

It’s September, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; everywhere I go.

Mixed in with the scary Halloween costumes and decorations are glistening lights, colorful garlands and even decorated Christmas trees.

Thanksgiving is nowhere to be found in all of the glitz and glimmer, forgotten in the festive array of all things holiday, which is, apparently, right around the corner.

My flip flops have barely had a chance to cool off, and holiday hoopla has already replaced the heat of summer. I am not boycotting Christmas, I am just taking in September and October and holding out for Thanksgiving before I begin my Santa celebration.

Read on for some great, new fiction titles to get your fall celebration on its way!

The small town of Sugarcreek, Ohio has been devastated by loss after Faith Community Church burned down. Following her Aunt Rose’s tragic death in the fire, single mom, Jessica Holtz, finds herself inheriting her beloved Aunt Rose’s Knit One Quilt Too cottage. Unskilled at knitting or anything sewing-related, Jessica does her best to keep her aunt’s legacy alive, and with the help of two other women who also suffered loss after the fire, she begins to understand that triumph and heartbreak are closely related, and that with the help of friends who stand by you no matter what, you can find a stitch of hope anywhere in ‘The Sisters of Sugarcreek’ by Cathy Liggett.

Becoming a lady’s maid to wealthy Lady Ottoline Campbell, Pearl Gibson is looking forward to her new life. Employed at the plush and luxurious Scottish summer estate, Pearl forges a new alliance with her employer, and embarks on an unlikely friendship with the other woman. But just as Pearl begins to feel her life is turning around, war erupts in Europe, and as the violence escalates, both Pearl and Ottoline are thrown into the whirlwind of war, losing both of their men to the front lines and leaving Pearl no choice but to share one final secret with her mistress in ‘The Echo of Twilight’ by Judith Kinghorn.

In ‘The Young Wives Club’ by Julie Pennell, you’ll meet Laura Landry, Madison Blanchette, Claire Thibodeaux, and Gabrielle Vaughn, all young wives from Toulouse, Louisiana who forge a bond in Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood fashion when they discover that the men they believed would save them and complete them only make them reevaluate their choices and decisions. As each faces love, heartbreak, loss and the reality of life, they realize that matters of the heart are far more complicated than any of them ever expected.

Dreaming of a brighter future for themselves and for their young family, Hector and Lilia decide to embark on a journey from their native Mexico to the land of opportunity in the United States. Hector left Mexico first, securing a job and housing for he and Lilia. But Lilia, desperate to be together again with Hector, impulsively left Mexico with their infant daughter, crossing the border into America, losing her daughter along the way. Now, four years later, Hector and Lilia have picked up the pieces, enjoying a normal life with their young son and another baby on the way when they receive word that the infant daughter they lost so long ago has resurfaced. As more information becomes available, they risk it all as they search for their long lost daughter in ‘Border Child’ by Michel Stone.

Happy fall, y’all; it is fall, after all, and when it’s time, I will certainly wish you a Happy Holiday season and bring on the gifts. But for now, the only ‘presents’ I need is the presence of some new, adult fiction from my friends at JCPL!