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At Last! Something to Sing About! Check Out These New Adult Fiction Titles @ JCPL!

Photo of skiers on slope, all wearing shorts with no shirts or belly shirts.

Alas, the weather is turning colder; that means it’s time to break out the long sleeved shirts & sweaters, blue jeans and wear real shoes, not flip flops.

It’s hard for an adult to accept the changing of the wardrobes from summer to fall and winter gear, but children really don’t see the need for it at all. They will fight for all it’s worth to keep their shorts, sandals and comfy t-shirts; they are in severe denial.

Dressing my first grade grandson on Grandparent’s Day, there was a little chill in the air, so I picked out a t-shirt and a pair of pants for him to wear. After debating whether or not to argue with me, he came up with the line, “Um…my teacher said since we’re going to be on the bleachers today to sing for you, we can’t wear pants with long sleeves. We can only wear pants with short sleeves.”

I get it…and I really don’t feel much like singing when I’m dressed in fall and winter clothes, either, do you? Here though, is something to sing about; new adult fiction titles from your friends at JCPL. Read on!

Called home from her successful career as a federal prosecutor to help care for her ailing father, Avery Stafford finds herself facing more than just her father’s poor health. A chance encounter has taken Avery into the depths of her family’s secret history and on a journey into the lives of poor children who were wrenched from their homes and families, and sold to wealthy families by an orphanage’s greedy and cruel director, seeking to make a fortune from the gross injustice in ‘Before We Were Yours’ by Lisa Wingate.

Midwife, Clara Perry has been taking care of expectant mothers and fathers for so long that she has forgotten how to take care of herself. Needing a break from the role of caregiver, Clara runs away, reinventing herself on Sea Gull Island, a small and very remote Canadian island. Leaving her home in such a hurry proves to be a problem for Clara, however, because she has entered Canada illegally, without her passport. Changing her identity, Clara becomes Sara Livingston, taking on a volunteering position in a medical clinic where her midwifery skills come in handy. Forming friendships comes naturally to Clara, but letting her guard down to reveal her true identity is not safe for  Clara, and she soon realizes that running from your past soon catches up to you in ‘The Runaway Midwife’ by Patricia Harmon.

Dumped by her ‘almost fiancé,’ Kate Pearson takes it to heart. Spending her days in her pj’s and holed up in the house, her friends and family do all they can to bring her back into the “real world.” Finally, Kate goes on an interview that lands her a job in the admissions department at the upscale Hudson Day School, where she is instantly and irreversibly thrown into culture shock by the highly competitive, spoiled and ungrateful student body and their Park Avenue parents. As her friends and family continue to try to bring Kate every happiness, she soon begins to realize that she has mended very nicely, and her new job in admissions is partly the reason why in ‘Small Admissions’ by Amy Poeppel.

It’s always been Violet and Finn, from the beginning of time, and because the pair of them have always been so inseparable, it’s forever been assumed that they would one day marry and live happily ever after. They do; marry that is, but the happily ever after is not in the cards. Friends, family and Violet are stunned and downright shocked when Finn just ups and leaves her, taking their young son along with him. Suddenly facing the biggest nightmare of her life, Violet wonders if she ever really knew Finn, and when Finn shows up on his best friend, Caitlin’s doorstep, she finds herself wondering the same thing. Has she ever really known this man who could easily destroy her and her family by revealing a long-held secret? Find out in ‘Almost Missed You’ by Jessica Strawser.

This fall, try not to sing the ‘long sleeved pants blues.’ Instead, take yourself to your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library, where the new adult fiction on the shelves will have you singing a happy tune!