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Inspire is Indiana's Virtual Library, providing access to several databases for biographies, literature, and newspaper and magazine articles. Search from dozens of sources all over the web at once with a single click or narrow your search for specific materials.

Read on for tips on using this service at home.

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INSPIRE Doesn't recognize my IP address

INSPIRE is free, but only to Indiana residents. The state determines this by checking the IP address of the internet service you are using to see if it is from a provider inside the state. Unfortunately, if you get your internet service from a regional or national carrier, the state may be unable to verify that you are a resident of Indiana.

If this happens, you will need to use the “create an account” function on the Inspire website, found in the Help menu at the top, to create a temporary password. You will receive a permanent password by postal mail at the address you have provided within 28 days. You must use that password to make the account permanent.

This will only affect patrons trying to use INSPIRE from a remote location such as home or possibly from a mobile device. All library locations, including our wireless, are registered as having in-state internet service.

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