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Charlie Halleck Day - Sept. 13, 1962

A view of the crowd assembled on the courthouse lawn, listening to Gen. Dwight D
Photo of Charlie Halleck

One of the popular names in Jasper County is that of Charles A. Halleck, former U.S. House Majority Leader, and a close personal friend to President Eisenhower.

In 1962, the former president came to Rensselaer to personally endorse Halleck for re-election. This event is still talked about by residents who remember the visit. The day-long visit included a public speech delivered on the courthouse steps, the dedication of a cornerstone for Saint Joseph's College's Halleck Center, as well as other dinners and revelries that would accompany a visit from such a distinguished guest.

You can read the full text of Eisenhower's speech that day at the National Archives. (The link is to a 190-page pdf of his collected post-Presidential speeches, organized by date. The speech is on pages 66-69.)

 Click on the links below to see coverage from the Rensselaer Republican newspaper of the pre-visit preparation and the visit itself. These files were taken from the microfilm records available at the library.