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Working with the Milroy Collection


Enter the Collection

Begin by clicking the Browse the Collection link found on the main page or any page describing the Milroy Collection. You can then browse through the entire collection of 721 documents, 20 items at a time.

To view images

You can click on either the image or the highlighted link (under Title) for each item in the collection. Use the page directory in the upper right hand corner to view more items.

Clicking on an item will take you to a screen with the image of that page of the document you selected. Any related pages in the same document will be available as links in a column on the left side of the page.

To read a text translation

On the upper left side of the page is an option box that should read “document description.” Select “page & text” and click “go.” A new page will open with the image of the document and a text translation of the document beside it.

The option “page description” will give you just the text without the image.

To go back

To return to your main list of items, use the “back to results” link above the option box on the left side. Clicking the “back” button on your browser will eventually return you to the list as well, but with several steps between.

How to search

All of the documents in the Milroy collection have been indexed with key words as well as in most cases the words of the text itself. Searching for terms such as “butternut” or names such as “Tatman” should lead to useful lists.

Once you have begun browsing the collection, you can begin your search at any time by clicking the “Advanced Search” link. You can also search the collection from the search box in the upper right hand corner.