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Fall is a perfect time to join a book club at your library

Closeup of person in shiny black boots standing next to books on fall leaves.

7 reasons you should join a book group

  1. For the fun of it!
  2. Camaraderie
  3. Enjoyment of shared reading in a cozy group setting
  4. Keeping your brain sharp
  5. Relief from stress
  6. It’s an excuse to schedule some “Me Time” to read.
  7. You may make lasting friendships talking about books, and that may be the best benefit of all. 

At the end of the day, there are endless benefits of joining a book club.  They encourage teamwork, foster an ability to listen and react, create a sense of community around books – and so much more.  October is National Reading Group Month. Do you belong to a book group? There’s no better time to join!

Jasper County Public Library (JCPL) offers five book groups. New members are always welcome. Just talk to staff at the circulation desk who can fill you in on the details or click one of the links below to learn more.

DeMotte’s Bookies Club meets the third Tuesday of most months at two separate times - 2:00 pm OR 7:00 pm. Both meetings discuss the same book. Their book list.

Men from all over Jasper County are invited to join the men’s book group. The group was started for men, but anyone is welcome to join. Participants choose their own titles and lead the discussion for that month.  We gather at the Rensselaer Library on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 10 AM. Group Information.

Rensselaer has a 4th Thursday group that meets at 1 PM. Book list.

Wheatfield’s group meets the second Tuesday of the month at 1 PM. Group Information.

Wheatfield Library’s Books ‘n Coffee Club meets at Somethin’s Brewin Coffee House on the last Monday of each month at 2 pm. Group Information.