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LEGOs for everyone

Photo of storm trooper legos set up to look like the Beatles on Abbey Road cover

International LEGO Day is celebrated on January 28th every year. That was the day in 1958 that Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, son of the company’s founder, filed a patent for the 2×4 LEGO brick. (American patent approved in 1961.)

The name LEGO comes from two Danish words “leg godt,” meaning “play well.” 

LEGO has been around for decades, but several major LEGO movies have brought them to a whole new generation.  Along with many LEGO video games, there are LEGOLAND parks around the world and more than 30 Legoland Discovery Centers. The closest Discovery Center to Jasper County is in Schaumburg, IL, just two hours away and perfect for a day trip.

Although building with LEGOs is fun, they also have educational benefits, and not just for the young. Working with LEGOs develops or enhances motor skills, creativity, teamwork, patience, and problem-solving. Playing with LEGO bricks can also help lower stress levels and boost mind functions.

So relax and enjoy a few hours of play with your children or grandchildren. Enjoy the creativity and imagination they produce and develop bonds of togetherness. But remember, your foot will thank you if remember to put all the LEGOs away.

Photo credit: Star Wars x Beatles x Abbey Rd by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash.