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Celebrate October’s Global Diversity Awareness Month by accepting the “Read/Watch Around The World Challenge”

Chalkboard sketch of books, an apple and a globe

Perhaps you’ve settled into reading a certain type of book or mostly books by certain authors. Maybe you or your children are only watching certain kinds of DVDs. This gives you a chance to break out of that comfortable reading or watching rut and venture into new horizons. You may have your child learn more about their ancestry by checking out a book or DVD about the country or countries of their lineage. You might try that for yourself as well.

One challenge is to read a book by an author from each of the different continents in the world. If you’re really ambitious, you may want to try to read a book from each of the countries in the world. Although even for a speed reader, that challenge will take more than a month to complete.

On you can keep track of your progress and there are lots of suggested books and authors given. They also list different genres you may not have sought out. Try a book of short stories or a dystopian novel. Have you looked at a Graphic Novel lately, read a biography or watched a non-fiction DVD or foreign film?

Do you have a bucket list destination you’ve always wanted to visit? Why not read a book written by a resident author or check out a travel DVD for it? There are so many ways to break out of a reading or watching rut. You can learn something new and grow in your appreciation and understanding of places with which you are unfamiliar. Gain a new perspective by exploring Jasper County Public Library’s extensive catalog and step into a world awaiting discovery.