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A friend is waiting for you

A cat lays sideways against a large dog, both giving you their 'what's up' face.

Do you have that special 4-legged friend waiting for you when you get home?  If not, there is one (or more) waiting for you at the local animal shelter.  Bringing together hopeful fur babies and loving homes is one of the things that your local shelter does best.

Many homes are blessed with a dog, cat or other type of animal.  They are a vital part of the household, considered a close companion to those who chose to adopt them.  Millions of animals end up in the animal shelter every year and many are adopted each year.

Many animal shelters are non-profit and can always use your help whether it be in donating food, supplies, toys, blankets or money.  Did you know that you can volunteer at shelters?  A wonderful way to love the animals if you can’t have one in your home.

Having a pet is a huge commitment and something you can teach your kids.  Your library has many resources for you to teach your kids the responsibility of caring for a pet and how to do it.

Go and find your forever friend at an animal shelter near you!

Photo by Louis-Philippe Poitras on Unsplash