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Six places to find your next favorite song

Posted on Tue 09/1/2015 | in Just for Teens

Everybody loves music. We may not all agree on what we like, but we know what we like when we hear it. And with these sites, you can find some more of what you like.

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book cover featuring gray grass and insects on a black background

Check Me Out: The Black Book of Colors

Posted on Sat 08/29/2015 | in News 4 Kids

"Thomas says that yellow tastes like mustard, but is as soft as a baby chick’s feathers,” starts this elegant and beautiful children's book from Venezuela.

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Charlie Halleck is presented with a street sign bearing his name.

Happy Birthday Charlie Halleck

Posted on Fri 08/21/2015 | in Between the Lines

DeMotte statesman was born 115 years ago Saturday

Charles A. Halleck was one of DeMotte’s renowned sons.  He was born August 22, 1900 in a small house near the railroad tracks to Abraham and Lura Halleck.  His parents moved to Rensselaer when he was a small child.

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