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A cat lays sideways against a large dog, both giving you their 'what's up' face.

A friend is waiting for you

Do you have that special 4-legged friend waiting for you when you get home?  If not, there is one (or more) waiting for you at the local animal shelter.  Bringing together hopeful fur babies and loving homes is one of the things that your local shelter does best.

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Photo of an attractively-plated and colorful savory roasted veggie dish.

Too many sugarplums? Try a parsnip in your stocking.

‘Tis the season, totally. And naturally we’ve all been indulging in our favorite holiday goodies.

With that in mind, how about considering a little detour down the vegetable road? Sure, all the fresh garden produce has been canned or frozen, but there are some vegetables that you might not have planted, or even considered trying.

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Chalkboard sketch of books, an apple and a globe

Celebrate October’s Global Diversity Awareness Month by accepting the “Read/Watch Around The World Challenge”

Perhaps you’ve settled into reading a certain type of book or mostly books by certain authors. Maybe you or your children are only watching certain kinds of DVDs. This gives you a chance to break out of that comfortable reading or watching rut and venture into new horizons.

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