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Library Policies

Library policies are Board approved and reviewed regularly.

Art Exhibit and Display Case Use Policy

The use of display areas at the library.

Audiovisual Equipment Loan Policy

Audiovisual equipment available for patrons to borrow.

Board Committment

A statement of guiding principles for library board members.

Brand and Logo Policy

Regarding the use of the library's logo and slogan in marketing and other publicity.

Bulletin Board Policy

The library's bulletin boards and pamphlet racks.

Circulation Policy

How to obtain a library card, library hours, loan periods, loan limits and fines.

Computer Use Policy

Public computer access, Internet and wireless access, and printing costs.

Criminal History Policy

Establishing requirements for employees and unsupervised volunteers.

Curbside Policy

How and when to use the library's curbside service for materials pick-up.

Debit and Credit Card Processing Policy

How and when patrons may pay library fines using a debit or credit card.

Digital Access Card

Cards available to Jasper County students each year for use with the library's electronic resources.

Facsimile (FAX) Machine Policy

Staff and public use of the fax machine at the library.

Fine Free Policy

Regarding the library's adoption of the ALA's Fine Free Initiative.

Food, Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Policy

Rules regarding use of food, drugs and alcohol on library property.

Gift Policy

Gifts made to the library.

Group Visit Policy

Rules for group visits to the library.

Holiday Policy

Holiday closures throughout the year

Hotspot Policy

Use of the wireless hotspots the library loans out.

Interlibrary Loan

Borrowing from other libraries through the Indiana Statewide Remote Circulation System (SRCS) and INShare.

Internet Use and Safety Policy

Rules for Internet use at the library.

JCPL Covid-19 Mitigation Plan

Regarding JCPL plans to phase in library services in a manner consistent with federal, state, and local health recommendations as related to COVID-19.

JCPL Long Range Plan

In order to fuIfill our mission, we must first consider where we are and then consider where we are going. This is our Long Range Plan, which is updated regularly, and which will be our road map for the next five years.

LCD (Digital) Projector Policy

Using the library's LCD projector, inside and outside the library.

Library Behavior Policy

Rules regarding use of the library, its property and services.

Library Code of Ethics

A statement of guiding principles for library staff and board members.

Library Staff Committment

A statement of principles for library staff.

Materiality Policy

Regarding misappropriation of materials or funds.

Materials Selection Policy

Principles guiding the library's selection of materials.

Meeting Room Policy

Conditions for use of the library's meeting rooms.

Microfilm/Microfiche Reader/Printer Policy

Use of the library's microfilm readers and printing costs.

Mission Statement, Role and Values

The guiding principles of the library.

Notice Under The Americans With Disabilities Act

Statement of compliance with the Americans with Disabilites Act of 1990 ("ADA") and petition for grievance.

Patron Tasks and Devices Policy

How, and to what limits, staff can help with technology assistance questions.

Photography, Videotaping, and Other Recording Devices Policy

Photographing and videotaping in the library, including at library events.

Proctoring Policy

How the library can assist with proctoring of examinations.

Public Forum Policy

Library board meetings and the state Open Doors Law.

Public Records Policy

Access to public records as governed by state law.

Reciprocal Borrowing Policy

Who may be a reciprocal borrower and what privileges a reciprocal borrower may receive.

Reference Policy

Principles guiding how the library provides information services to patrons.

Study Room Use Policy

Rules regarding use of the library's study rooms.

Video Surveillance Policy

Regarding the use of video surveillance and recording by the library on library property.

Walking Books Policy

Who may use the walking books service and what conditions apply.