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By using the form below, your suggestion, question or feedback will automatically be directed to the appropriate department. We will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours of your request.

Or if you prefer, please feel free to call us using one of the following numbers:

Rensselaer (map) (219) 866-5881
DeMotte (map) (219) 987-2221
Wheatfield (map) (219) 956-3774


Email Contact Available via form
Patty Stringfellow, Library Director: (219) 866-5881
Rayann Gilmore, Business Manager: (219) 866-5881

Linda Poortenga, Headquarters Librarian, Rensselaer (219) 866-5881
Shannon Heldak, Agency Librarian, DeMotte (219) 987-2221
Evie Parrish, Agency Librarian, Wheatfield (219) 956-3774

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